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Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills

Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills from the How-To Experts at Storey Publishing Overview From the deeply practical – Use Weeds to Treat Bites and Rashes (page 82) – to farm life – Make Farmhouse Cheddar (page 58) – this enormous coffee table book offers the plethora of skills beyond what’s promised. Its

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Dutch Oven by Vernon Winterton

Dutch Oven: Camp Cooking by Vernon Winterton Overview Upgrade your camp cooking with this handy book, its kitchy enamelware pages designed to match your camping kit. Winterton uses simple ingredients to prepare a vast selection of foods for every possible meal + type of eater in this spiral-bound, lay flat book. Many of the 65

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Freeze Fresh by Crystal Schmidt

Freeze Fresh by Crystal Schmidt Overview Straight off the shelf, this paperback resource equips any reader to use the freezer as a second pantry. Simple directions are listed for produce, organized from A to Z, making each food item easy to find as you purge your refrigerator. Learn how to prep, freeze, thaw + use

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Moon Path Yoga by Sierra Hollister

Moon Path Yoga: Kundalini Practices and Rituals for Women to Align with the Lunar Cycles by Sierra Hollister Overview Moon Path Yoga is a beautiful book – both in content and idea – that’s been beautifully executed. An in-depth overview that brings awareness to how lunar cycles and women’s cycles intertwine, Moon Path Yoga offers

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How to Be a Person by Catherine Newman

How to Be a Person: 65 Hugely Useful, Super-Important Skills to Learn before You’re Grown Up by Catherine Newman Overview A witty handbook of life skills that actually imparts practical knowledge? Yes indeed. The “hugely useful” subtitle is an understatement. Catherine Newman tackles empathetic behaviors on spreads for “How to Cheer Up Sick People” or