Welcome, readers!

Stacks of books wait, ready for review, all around the house. (Plus alllll the library titles that I couldn’t resist this week when I popped in to pick up my holds!) Expect posts week by week as I get inspired by each title + whip through it, making copious notes, lingering on the graphics.

The book reviews include cookbooks, self-help, exercise + craft. I’ll always say “yes” to children’s books (and sometimes a fiction title sneaks in, too), but I aim for the slippery nonfiction group that I can never find decent reviews for before buying.

NEW BOOK REVIEW EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGH THE FALL! Lots of topics, loads of tea, let’s read!

Upcoming Books for Review:

And Yet by Kate Baer
Rethink Your Position by Katy Bowman
The Business of Friendship by Shasta Nelson

Edible Wild Plants, Volume 2 by John Kallas
Untigering by Iris Chen
A New Way to Food by Maggie Battista

New Book Reviews