NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide by Glen Weldon

NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide by Glen Weldon


Everyone has a podcast, it seems like. Now that I know how simple it is to make a decent one, I can see why. I say “simple” and not “easy” because there’s a difference, and Glen Weldon draws out all the reasons why in his book, NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide.

Author Glen Weldon separates each step in podcasting, showing how prospective podcasters can build a successful platform from a bit of strategy, planning + a great idea. Alongside the breakdown for each section are stories of successful podcasters that are meant to showcase different ways to begin, how to build from unexpected angles + when to incorporate a shift in the master plan. These often-practical but sometimes surprising tidbits from renowned brands can help newbies understand how the market has changed + what might come in the future as flexibility seems to be a key ingredient to longterm success in this field.

As someone with a podcast idea who’s researching its practicality + trying to further her understanding of where it could lead, I appreciated the depth of scope this book offers. Unlike many of the quick-start guides out there, this one really digs into the potential pitfalls + can help turn them into strengths, really, with a few change-ups in the usual strategy. I also appreciated the breakdowns of ways people make money in this field, as it’s not obvious if a cast doesn’t use ads. While it seems from the glut of choices on the market that podcasting must be lucrative, I needed the various possibilities listed out before I understood how many directions the money could come from.

Everything about this book – from the easy-to-read format to the detailed resources – feels like a buoy in the vast sea of choices, delineating where to podcast safely + within budget.

FROM THE Publisher… “In NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide, Glen Weldon draws on NPR’s extensive educational materials and army of talent—from recognizable hosts, such as Guy Raz (How I Built This), Gene Demby (Code Switch), Linda Holmes (Pop Culture Happy Hour), and Yowei Shaw (Invisibilia), to indispensable behind-the-scenes players, such as producers, engineers, and editors—to guide aspiring podcasters through the conception, creation, and launch of a podcast.”

Who is this book written for?

Someone who’s dying to begin a podcast + has a great hook in mind.

NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide by Glen Weldon
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